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Allow me to tell you a little bit about us.  As a boy growing up in Ireland I was fascinated at the sight of Excavators and backhoes and fantasized about one day being able to operate one.

At the age of eighteen I moved to London to work on the building sites, I got my lucky break when a small company offered me an opportunity to learn to operate their JCB Backhoe.

I progressed quickly to the large Excavators and my fantasy became a reality, it became my passion and is to this day.

I worked on many interesting projects during my time in the UK. We worked on John Lennon’s Estate in Ascot, creating a huge Lake with a private Island. We also did the Mass Excavation for the construction of Heathrow Airports Terminal 4, and much more.

In the late nineties I got an opportunity to work in San Francisco. I bought my first excavator a year later and built a crew of 24 employees.  I had some great experiences working in the Hills of San Francisco and Marin County.  We did the Demolition of the old Structures. We also did the Excavating and Drilling for the new Multi-Million dollar homes overlooking the bay.  In addition we also did down town San Francisco Digging for a sub-way entrance for the Movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

Florida was always my final destination and all of us here at MANN EXCAVATION share the same passion for what we do and it shows in our day to day work place.

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