equipment services & rental


We provide the equipment rental services to the South Florida area.  Mann Excavation will provide the equipment and experienced operators for general, plumbing, and electrical contractors to home owners for all types of trenching and backfill.  We service on and off site from West Palm Beach to South Miami. All of our operators are familiar with the hazards that may lay beneath with each sweep of the bucket. They work well with each customer to ensure that it gets done safely, efficiently, and without incident.

Hitachi ZX35

Trenching for electrical line in busy intersection- Miami

Kubota SVL75

Demolition and removing concrete sidewalk- Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Hitachi ZX35

On site trenching for plumbing contractors – Del Ray Beach

Hitachi ZX60

Dredging sand build up at drain outlets for environmental company- Pembroke Pines

Hitachi ZX200

Site prep for 7,000 square foot home – Fort Lauderdale

Hitachi ZX60

Demolition of Concrete Structure – Boynton Beach

Hitachi ZX35

Digging for new patio remodel- Hillsborough Mile

International Dump truck 4200

Dumping load of concrete for Lake fill- Davie

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